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Accessible via your family doctor

Convenient Local
Patient Centric
Heart Health Screening Program...



About HolterHealth

HolterHealth was created to give the general public easier access to an important heart-health screening tool (a holter monitor) via their family doctor, medical clinic, long-term care home, or pharmacy.

Currently when a family doctor requests a holter monitor test for their patient, the patient may have a challenge to access the test via the closest cardio clinic or hospital.


With HolterHealth we give the patient the ease of access via their local medical clinic, Long-term care home, or pharmacy to get their holter monitor test with proper training & support and the results sent to the patients family doctor within a week of completing the test. 

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  • Our network of Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Family Doctors, and Imaging Technicians, Nurses and HCPs (Health Care Professionals) have been practicing for over 30 years ensuring our patients best outcomes

  • If your holter monitor test indicates need for further testing we have a vast network of imaging diagnostic testing and HCPs to get you the patient the necessary further cardiac testing

  • If the further testing indicates the need for further treatment;  for either meds or surgical procedures we have the network to give you "front of line" treatment at many of the major GTA hospitals with some of the best HCPs in Canada !

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