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Patient focused Heart Health Screening Program

Empowering Primary Care Practitioners

Wireless Holter Monitoring Strengthening Cardiac

Care Collaboration

In a groundbreaking stride towards advanced cardiac care, a new joint venture HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic has been initiated to equip primary care practitioners and their clinics / FHOS with state-of-the-art wireless Holter monitors and a team of seasoned cardiac HCPs.

HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic reduces primary care practitioners work load, creates an additional service offered by the clinic, and at the same time maintains a patient centric approach; improving outcomes. Recognizing the pivotal role that primary care practitioners play in early detection and management of heart health, this collaborative effort seeks to bridge the gap between cutting-edge cardiac technology and its accessibility in primary care. HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic creates a seamless integration of holter monitoring as a screening tool for heart health; ensuring all patients can benefit from early detection of possible cardiovascular issues. If further testing or medical invention is required the HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic team will champion the patient process always keeping the primary care practitioner in the loop.

The beauty of this HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic venture lies not just in the technology's sophistication, but also in its potential to revolutionize primary healthcare dynamics. HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic underscores the importance of integrating modern technology into today's medicine; fostering a collaborative cardiac care ecosystem perfecting patient outcomes. HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic can also be economically beneficial for both HCPs and their facilities (clinics or FHOs).


Heart Heath Screening for Companies, Unions or Associations

Incorporating Holter monitor testing for employees or members; represents a forward-thinking approach to ensuring the cardiac well-being of your employees or members. Many professions involve high levels of stress, physical exertion, and / or exposure to environmental factors that can have latent effects on heart health. Offering Holter monitoring can be a proactive way to detect, prevent, and address potential cardiac concerns and determine via our network of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) if further testing or further medical treatment is required.


Heart Health Screening in Assisted Living Facilities (LTC)

Enhancing Care and

Resident Peace of Mind

Holter monitoring in LTC via the HeartLinc™ Assist Program offers an unparalleled advantage in continuous cardiac health assessment for the elderly, who we all know have a myriad of cardiac conditions. Providing access to 24/7 monitoring via HeartLinc™ Assist can provide critical insights into heart rhythms and irregularities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Using this non-invasive heart health screening tool could reduce expenses associated with sending residents out for urgent care or heart testing.

HeartLinc™ Assist care plans can be handcrafted to cater specifically to the unique needs of each resident and the healthcare initiatives of the LTC home. HeartLinc™ Assist can be a value-added program offered by your facility in addition to your other assisted living and healthcare programs. HeartLinc™ Assist will attract more poterntial residents and their families, improve resident / patient outcomes, and will be an additional revenue-generating stream for your facility!

Integrating Wireless Holter monitoring via HeartLinc™ Assist into your resident care regimen enhances the quality of life and peace of mind for both residents and their families. Knowing that a loved one's heart health is being closely monitored will alleviate anxiety and ensure prompt response to any potential cardiac events. HeartLinc™ Assist is not just a holter monitoring service; HeartLinc™ Assist is a fully integrated program backed by a team of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) that ensures your residents are in the best of hands! is an accredited heart centre which has provided diagnostic and consultative service for the past 35 years, through highly qualified, experienced cardiologists, echocardiographers, cardiac technologists and nurses, all of whom have completed accredited residency programs in their disciplines.

Recently, has introduced HeartLinc™ to give the public easier access to important heart-health screening tools. HeartLinc monitoring can now be accessed through family doctors, medical clinics, pharmacies, assisted living and long-term care homes, employers’ or unions’ Employee Health Plan initiatives.

Currently when a family doctor requests monitoring for their patient, the patient may have a challenge to access services in a reasonable timeframe via cardiology clinics or hospitals. With HeartLinc™, we give patients ease of access through family doctors, medical clinics, pharmacies, assisted living and long-term care homes, employers’ or unions’ Employee Health Plan initiatives, to receive their HeartLinc monitor testing as soon as possible; often immediately.


  • Our team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, internists, sonographers, nurses and other HCPS have been practicing for over 30 years ensuring our patients' best outcomes.

  •  If patients' HeartLinc™ reports indicate need for further testing, consultations or interventional procedures, we have a vast network of medical and technical professionals standing by, ready to assist you

  • If a hospital-based procedure is indicated, we have the network to give you "front of the line" treatment at many of the major GTA teaching hospitals & clinics with some of the best HCPs in North America!

We Report On Your Heart Health

AMS Diagnostic Consulting has been in diagnostic imaging and cardiology for 30 years. Our services are primarily in cardiology, under the headings of Ontario Cardiology Services, Heart Wellness Cardiac Clinics, and Diagnostic Assessment Centre, which provide echocardiograms, Holter and loop monitoring, ECGS, stress testing, stress echo, cardiac consultations, and contrast echocardiography.

We also provide general ultrasound and vascular technology services at 3 sites in Scarborough. We have affiliated centres which provide nuclear cardiology testing without delay. We are strongly associated with SMH, SHSC and MGH.

We also offer an emergency cardio consult service – call us any time if an urgent consult is needed. If we don’t have a cardiologist on-site, we will arrange an appointment within 15 minutes. If you call in the morning or early afternoon, the appointment can be made for the same day, often immediately. If late in the day, guaranteed to be by ~9am the following morning, at latest.

We are an accredited lab with the CorHealth Ontario. Our study quality is second to none. Our QA program is well documented, available for all to see at any time. I would invite physicians to come to one of our labs at any time to observe our procedures and assess lab protocols. Our findings are graphic and accurate, and will always withstand challenge.

Our cardiologists, nuclear lab partners and affiliated hospitals, ensure that all unexpected or severe findings which are uncovered in our facilities or through our secondary site testing, will receive immediate attention. All arrangements will be made from our offices, and referring physicians will be kept aware of all processes through phone calls and reports. If a patient requires a persantine nuclear study, TEE (trans-esophageal echo), angiogram, angioplasty, valve replacement, surgical graft to fix a critical aneurysm, or bypass surgery, we will arrange these procedures, often faster than inpatients at the hospital.

We have 8 echo technologists, 3 ultrasound technologists, 3 stress techs and 3 nurses who assist with decoding heart monitor recordings. Our specialists include:

Dr. A. Gupta

Director Cardiac Cath Lab TEGH - Angiograms Done At TEGH, Sunnybrook And TWH

Dr. A. Pasricha

Cardiologist - Markham-Stouffville Hosp

Dr. A. Janmohamed

Electrophysiologist - Heart Health Institute

Dr. G. Cohen

Head Of Cardiac Surgery - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. N. Ranganathan

Cardiologist - St. Joseph Health Centre

Dr. M. Dhruve

Nephrologist- TEGH

Dr. M. A-Omran

Head Of Vascular Surgery, SMH

Dr. A. Al Azzoni

Cardiologist-Heart Health Institute, Rouge Valley Health System

Dr. N.Gupta


Dr. S. Verma

Head Of Cardiac Surgery, SMH

Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan

Interventional Cardiologist - Heart Health Instituts

Dr. V. Ahooja

Heart Health Institute

Dr. H. Abramson


Dr. H. Abramson


Dr. M. Andreas

Internal Medicine

Instructional Video

Holter Monitoring PDF

Untitled-design (1).png

Holter Monitoring (PDF)


HeartLinc™ is a non-invasive, first-line, heart health screening program to detect any current and/or possible future heart disease.

HeartLinc™ makes holter monitoring convenient and easily accessible to the patient free of charge. HeartLinc™ utilizes state of the art technology in the “MyPatchTM” holter monitor coupled with a seasoned team of referring primary care doctors and nurse practitioners, Cardiologists with their team of health care professional.

HeartLinc™ will train, support, and provide identified internal and external Human Resources and all medical equipment and HCPs (Health Care Professionals) required to offer this state-of-the-art heart health screening tool to your patients, residents, or members, at no cost to you. This value-added unique preventative healthcare initiative creates a new revenue stream positively impacting your bottom-line!


(Generating a Holter Monitor Requisition that flows into the main (HH) Work Flow Process below)

The guidance document gives proven protocols to primary care practitioners assuring they are requisitioning Holter Monitors for all the right reasons and will be in compliance with their regulatory body or college..


  •  HCP (Requisitioning GP, Family Doctor, Specialist (i.e. Internal Medicine Doctor & Endocrinologist or NP nurse practitioner) opens either hard copy requisition form from pad or digital form from their internal EMR most popular in Canada are ACCURO, OSCAR, AND TELUS HEALTH.

  • Requisition Form is filled out either manually with patient label and reason code(s) selected and HCP info. and signed by HCP. Or digital form is auto filled by EMR and digitally selected reason code(s) and digitally signed.

  •  Medical secretary physically faxes or via EMR digitally faxes requisition to HH for billing and audit purposes.

  •  HH Bills OHIP for Diagnostic Imaging services / fees.

  •  Patient is directed with copy of form or to go internally or externally to a HH location to be educated and Holter installed.

One-stop-solution-for-HCP (1).jpg
gettyimages-1192366488 (1).jpg


  •  Signed requisition is received for 72hr Holter Monitor by HH from a GP / Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner.

  •  Patient, Resident, or Member goes to determined location and identified person(s) educates and places (MyPatchTM) holter monitor on the individual. Also, individual is provided with a hard copy of “Patient Diary" and instructed to document any adverse events and double tap the front of their holter on their chest (through their shirt is fine).

  •  Individual comes back 72 hours later to have holter removed and mention any significant events they documented on their patient diary form relating to any times they may have double tapped the holter on their chest.

  •  Internal identified HR (Human Resource) disposes of lead patch sticker places monitor on docking station to charge and uploads software to cloud or locally via pre-installed automated software.

  •  HH (HolterHealth) nurse cleans data on server and prepares for report reading.

  •  Cardiologist logs-on to server and writes report, which is automatically saved

  •  HH administration staff performs QA check on report and faxes to requisitioning doctor or nurse practitioner via fax machine or EMR or makes available on Cloud App (which was developed by MyPatchTM) for any authorized HCP to see.

  •  Patient is contacted by their requisitioning HCP to explain results and if Cardiologist believes further testing is required.

  •  If it is determined by conversation with primary care HCP and Cardiologist which one of them does the requisitions for further testing (i.e. eco, stress eco, vascular, nuclear, angiogram, medication and treatment for A-Fib)

  •  Follow-up planned for further testing or repeating Holter Monitor test in-6-12months depending on age and/or family history of heart disease.

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